Frequently Asked Questions for Developers

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How to develop a theme for my customer restaurant

Please follow the development stages here

How can I become a developer?

There are three types of Developers.
1. Those who want to build many restaurant's website using CurryHunter. See how here
2. Those who develop 2 HTML theme for CurryHunter
3. Those who develop 1 dynamic theme for CurryHunter. See the price plans here.

How much do I need to pay for registering as a developer?

Nothing, rather you can save a lot by adding a theme in our system, please see our developer's plans and pricing page for details.

What scripting/programming languages do I have to use to create a theme

Object Oriented PHP

Is CurryHunter based on Wordpress®, Zoomla® etc.?

No, CurryHunter server is a purpose built PHP based system that allows you to create simple phtml pages that will run on the system. You just need to design few PHTML pages based on our guidelines and we publish your theme after a thorough check. We even help you update your theme where needed.

What to do after I register with you as a developer?

What are the terms of use for developers?

1. CurryHunter reserves the right to add, edit, delete any or part of the themes.
2. Developers will be notified of any changes on the API in future via email notifications. It will be the developers responsibility to update their themes to suit to the new changes.
3. CurryHunter owns the intellectual property of the themes registered.

Still have a question?

Don’t worry, if your question hasn’t been answered, just e-mail us at admin [at] curryhunter [dot] com and we will get back to you shortly!